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About myself

My name is Alessio Pratesi and I have a degree in Law. I have been involved in the field of management and collection of debt in extrajudicial matters for a long time.

I hold the appropriate license from the Florence Police Headquarters and I comply with all legal requirements to carry out this kind of work.

I work in partnership with a number of Legal Practices, which specialise in legal debt collection, in my role as an advisor with regards to all phases concerning the judicial area of debt collection by law enforcement.

Thanks to the experience I have gathered over the years, I am able to successfully collect funds which have long been disputed, or where I am unable to do so, I produce very detailed reports which help to evaluate the financial state of the debtor should legal action subsequently be taken.

Studio Pratesi immagine
Studio Pratesi immagine

My Services

I work mainly with companies that deal in Debt Collection and Factoring. I usually deal with cases that cover the following areas:

Consumer credit;
Personal loans;
Bank account overdrafts.

My work in debt collection covers mainly complex cases that have been unsuccessfully pursued by other agencies.

I personally carry out all debt collection work myself, mainly through home visits, while always maintaining high standards with regards to the client's privacy.

Any searches, contact with the debtor and any other activity linked to the debt collection is carried out within the strictest legal and professional criteria, in a bid to protect my clients' reputation and interests.

I always strive to achieve the best outcome outside of court, for both creditor and debtor alike An outcome that entails:

An in depth and up to date knowledge of all rules and regulations regarding debt collection;
A clear and transparent communication with the debtor, capable of conveying his or her responsibilities and the possible consequences relating to his or her failings in the matter of settling a debt;
A thorough valuation of the debtor's financial status, aimed at finding a positive resolution of the matter without recourse to a court of Law.


All my work is carried out in the most professional way with my main objective being:
to collect any debt according to the instructions received by the client, while taking into account the debtor's financial circumstances..


I am here

Via dei Rossi, 86/1
Scandicci, Florence