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About Us

The Studio Pratesi & Associati S.r.l. was created from the experience and expertise acquired by Alessio Pratesi who has always been a point of reference for the most prestigious Factoring companies in the Italian economic scene.

Quality, passion, competence

The quality, the passion and the ability to achieve the goals set have characterized the activity carried out by Studio Pratesi over time, guaranteeing an efficient and professional debt collection service.

Studio Pratesi & Associati collaborates with professionals, competent and experts in the processing of financial origin loans, who act towards debtors as correct and ethically unexceptionable interlocutors.

We work in partnership with a number of Legal Practices, which specialise in legal debt collection with regards to all phases concerning the judicial area of debt collection by law enforcement

Our Services

I work mainly with companies that deal in Debt Collection and Factoring. I usually deal with cases that cover the following areas:

We always strive to achieve the best outcome outside of court, for both creditor and debtor alike
An outcome that entails:

1 An in depth and up to date knowledge of all rules and regulations regarding debt collection
2 A clear and transparent communication with the debtor, capable of conveying his or her responsibilities and the possible consequences relating to his or her failings in the matter of settling a debt
3 A thorough valuation of the debtor's financial status

Our solution has always been the only real alternative to a legal procedure.

A solution based on the utmost respect for the debtor, who is pursued by listening and looking closely at his problems (and not using just a keyboard).
The NPLs (Non Performing Loans), called bad debt in the traditional lexicon or DBT, are part of our DNA and represent our history for over 20 years.
A long history that teaches a simple and elementary concept: to recover a bad credit, it is necessary to recover the relationship with the client !!!


More HOME and less phone collection ….
We are used to listening and looking closely at the real debtor's situation. Home collection is our job and we do it to achieve a main goal:
to collect any debt according to the instructions received by the client, while taking into account the debtor's financial circumstances.

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For any information, request, evaluate your situation, do not hesitate to contact us by mail, telephone or by a message using the present form. You can also contact us for an appointment at our studio. We will always reply to you as soon as possible


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